Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stupid tactic ever

6.47pm, I received a call...0377262521

A     : Halo, Mr. Lee ah?
Me  : Wrong number.
A     : Mr. Lee?
Me  : No, I'm not. Wrong number.
A     : Cynthia ah?
Me  : NO, wrong number!
A     : Sorry sorry, then you are...
Me  : Mr. Go here.
A     : You are Mr. Go lah?
Me  : Yes.
A     : You are from Seremban?
Me  : Johor~
A     : Huh? Your phone number is 016-665XXXX isn't it?
Me  : Ya.
A     : Oh, I'm calling from KL Standard Chartered, personal loan department.
Me  : Then?
A     : Do you need personal loan?
Me  : No need~ Wrong number~
A     : Really no need personal loan? I provide personal loan to you la.
Me  : NO NEED!


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