Sunday, September 19, 2010

Resorts World Genting has a great news for Digi users!

Hi, are you a Digi users? Sharing a great news with you!


Enjoy 30% discount when you purchase the Outdoor Theme Park 1 Day Unlimited Ride Pass. 


All you have to do is flash your DiGi mobile screen at any of the Theme Park Card Service Centres. Promotion ends 31 October 2010. Do note that this promo is not applicable during School Holidays and Malaysia Public Holidays ya!


Thanks and have fun!  


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stupid tactic ever

6.47pm, I received a call...0377262521

A     : Halo, Mr. Lee ah?
Me  : Wrong number.
A     : Mr. Lee?
Me  : No, I'm not. Wrong number.
A     : Cynthia ah?
Me  : NO, wrong number!
A     : Sorry sorry, then you are...
Me  : Mr. Go here.
A     : You are Mr. Go lah?
Me  : Yes.
A     : You are from Seremban?
Me  : Johor~
A     : Huh? Your phone number is 016-665XXXX isn't it?
Me  : Ya.
A     : Oh, I'm calling from KL Standard Chartered, personal loan department.
Me  : Then?
A     : Do you need personal loan?
Me  : No need~ Wrong number~
A     : Really no need personal loan? I provide personal loan to you la.
Me  : NO NEED!


I love event organizing

If you know me well, one of my hobbies is event organizing. A lot of people always ask me, "do you ever feel tired and stress?". Actually, I am having fun doing something I enjoy and getting satisfaction from the results. It allow me to explore my creative side. I always learn from the mistakes I have made and keep improving myself from many aspect. By the way, I love to face different challenges, event organizing even help me to release stress. Weird huh? Lolz. 

Last 2 months, I received an order from my relative. This is the best and special event I ever involved - My grandma's 70th birthday celebration. I have my cousins as my committees and our meeting is did through MSN, phone call, and emails...because all of us are staying at different places: Lenga, KL, Muar and Singapore.

30 July 2010 was a memorable night and my grandma was so happy. I believe that this was the craziest family gathering ever. Enjoy the photos!

This was awesome!
VIP table
Opening ceremony by grandchildren
My turn
Wishing grandma
'Yam Seng' with cousins and Grandma
Main ceremony
'Yam yam yam....'
Happy family
Brothers and grandma
Family photo
Lovely birthday celebration rite? With all grandchildren in uniforms!

A lot of people feeling lazy and even headache when coming to plan or organize an event. Gonna spend time for planning, looking for venue, food, decoration, souvenir, photographer...bla bla bla.  Here I have a suggestion for you! Lolz. Maybe you can contact me as I have some worth sources and even can provide one stop service for your event. But don't too far from my place la~ I am still a student. Lolz.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Genting Skyway is closed

Please note that the Genting Skyway is closed for scheduled maintenance from 13 Sept 2010 to 21 Nov 2010. The stationed shuttle buses at the Genting Skyway Complex as well as at First World Hotel Terminal are prepared to take you to and from the Resort.


For those are going to Resort World Genting by bus during this period, please check at


Have a pleasant journey! 


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Darling's husband

JULY 2010
Darling : Dar, Leehom new album can do pre-order le, since I'm in UK now, help me order ok?
Me       : Ok, no problem.
Darling : But hor~ Got 2 version of key chain wor. I want both ler...
Me       : You sampat ah, buy 2 albums just because you like the key chains?! So rich ah. Don't want!
Darling : Ok lo~ 1 then 1 lo~ I don't know which version of key chain to choose ler~ You help me decide ya.
Me       : Ok.

21 AUG 2010
Friend A : Hey B, i heard that you are going to get Leehom's signature at 1Utama tomorrow?
Friend B : Yaya, want join me?
Me         : WHAT??? Leehom come 1U tomorrow!!!???
    Friend A & B were shocked by my expression

Me         : Halo, Darling ah, your husband tomorrow come 1U sign his album ler!!!
Darling   : WHAT??? Leehom come 1U tomorrow!!!???
    I was shocked by darling's respond too.

Me        : Yala, How? Your album stil in Muar ler. And I also bought ticket to go Genting tomorrow le.
Darling   : Argg!!! So waste la~ huhu~ Why he come when I am in UK de~
Me        : Yalo, haiz~ Then forget about it la. No fate.
Darling   : Nevermind la, we go his concert next time bah~ so disappointed!!

22 AUG 2010
Since I don't know what to present you for our 5th anniversary,
Since he is your husband,
Since you love him,
I changed my mind not to go Genting.

I reached at 5pm, and I totally cant able to enter the gate.
Q & A (grabbed from other)

singing (grabbed from other)
Finally, i squeezed into the crowd at 7pm and entered the area. 

...9.30pm, the MC said : "Sorry ya, our Leehom is going to catch flight, our event will end now."

Sweat la!! I was just 1 meter away from the release gate. Bunch of fans started to crash in. Suddenly, a guy fall down into the bush at the side, making the situation even messier. I was tooooo bad, I cross above him (I really didn't step on him, trust me) and jumped into the queuing area and be the last 4 person to get signed! Lolz.. But after I left the event, the MC announced that Leehom was going to sign all albums, the 1st thought of mine was - felt so sorry to the guy who fall down, i shouldn't cross above you! Lolz!

Darling, you finally got both key chains! And I hope you will love it! Happy 5th anniversary, I love you...

Oh ya, dar, your husband really handsome, i guarantee you will get short circuit if he look at your eyes at the distance of 65.6cm.. Lolz. Opss!

Monday, September 6, 2010

BlackBerry Applications

Hi BlackBerry users! 

I was playing with my BB for past 3 days, searching for some nice and useful applications and themes. Undoubtedly, I downloaded the FREE one~ lolz. Just to share with you guys what a rookie did! Here are the applications downloaded:
1) BatteryWatch - This shows you a quick overview on your BB's battery state: battery level,   status, temperature, voltage, device name, and your PIN.
2) Currency- This converts among 160+ currencies using up to the minute exchange rates. Also includes forex charts, market news, a pocket travel guide and more.
3) Navita Translator - This can translate more than 50 languages and is capable to speak out. Also includes a google dictionary.
4) ScoreMobile for BlackBerry - This provides up-to-the-minute sports scores, boxscores, player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, and league standings. Coverage includes: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Auto Racing, Tennis, and Soccer.
 5) WeatherBug - This informs you the live local weather, severe weather alerts, indepth forecasts, camera views, detailed radar maps and international weather.
6) XENOZU YouTube player - This is another way for you to visit youtube in case it is not supported by your BB. ( I used it last time but not clear enough ) I didn't know why suddenly my BB can support youtube recently, does it charges??

7) Facebook version - After i upgrade to this version, my BB fb is able to run any features faster than before. I love this version very much! But i saw the 1.8 version is released already. Depends on you!

Besides, the theme I am using now is Imaging Theme 2.0, not complicated, nice layout! 

Oh ya, I was finding the pdf reader, but it seem like the FREE version stil not released. My 'Slideshow To Go' can't able to read some formulas of my lecture notes. And I found that some of the pages which need Java supported is not running although I have the Java Powered in my BB. What's wrong? 

So, I do hope you guys share all of these with me, leave me some comments and suggestions ya!

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