Monday, September 6, 2010

BlackBerry Applications

Hi BlackBerry users! 

I was playing with my BB for past 3 days, searching for some nice and useful applications and themes. Undoubtedly, I downloaded the FREE one~ lolz. Just to share with you guys what a rookie did! Here are the applications downloaded:
1) BatteryWatch - This shows you a quick overview on your BB's battery state: battery level,   status, temperature, voltage, device name, and your PIN.
2) Currency- This converts among 160+ currencies using up to the minute exchange rates. Also includes forex charts, market news, a pocket travel guide and more.
3) Navita Translator - This can translate more than 50 languages and is capable to speak out. Also includes a google dictionary.
4) ScoreMobile for BlackBerry - This provides up-to-the-minute sports scores, boxscores, player stats, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, and league standings. Coverage includes: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Auto Racing, Tennis, and Soccer.
 5) WeatherBug - This informs you the live local weather, severe weather alerts, indepth forecasts, camera views, detailed radar maps and international weather.
6) XENOZU YouTube player - This is another way for you to visit youtube in case it is not supported by your BB. ( I used it last time but not clear enough ) I didn't know why suddenly my BB can support youtube recently, does it charges??

7) Facebook version - After i upgrade to this version, my BB fb is able to run any features faster than before. I love this version very much! But i saw the 1.8 version is released already. Depends on you!

Besides, the theme I am using now is Imaging Theme 2.0, not complicated, nice layout! 

Oh ya, I was finding the pdf reader, but it seem like the FREE version stil not released. My 'Slideshow To Go' can't able to read some formulas of my lecture notes. And I found that some of the pages which need Java supported is not running although I have the Java Powered in my BB. What's wrong? 

So, I do hope you guys share all of these with me, leave me some comments and suggestions ya!

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