Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love event organizing

If you know me well, one of my hobbies is event organizing. A lot of people always ask me, "do you ever feel tired and stress?". Actually, I am having fun doing something I enjoy and getting satisfaction from the results. It allow me to explore my creative side. I always learn from the mistakes I have made and keep improving myself from many aspect. By the way, I love to face different challenges, event organizing even help me to release stress. Weird huh? Lolz. 

Last 2 months, I received an order from my relative. This is the best and special event I ever involved - My grandma's 70th birthday celebration. I have my cousins as my committees and our meeting is did through MSN, phone call, and emails...because all of us are staying at different places: Lenga, KL, Muar and Singapore.

30 July 2010 was a memorable night and my grandma was so happy. I believe that this was the craziest family gathering ever. Enjoy the photos!

This was awesome!
VIP table
Opening ceremony by grandchildren
My turn
Wishing grandma
'Yam Seng' with cousins and Grandma
Main ceremony
'Yam yam yam....'
Happy family
Brothers and grandma
Family photo
Lovely birthday celebration rite? With all grandchildren in uniforms!

A lot of people feeling lazy and even headache when coming to plan or organize an event. Gonna spend time for planning, looking for venue, food, decoration, souvenir, photographer...bla bla bla.  Here I have a suggestion for you! Lolz. Maybe you can contact me as I have some worth sources and even can provide one stop service for your event. But don't too far from my place la~ I am still a student. Lolz.

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  1. best of luck charle! taw da u punye hobby 2!haha


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