Thursday, September 9, 2010

Darling's husband

JULY 2010
Darling : Dar, Leehom new album can do pre-order le, since I'm in UK now, help me order ok?
Me       : Ok, no problem.
Darling : But hor~ Got 2 version of key chain wor. I want both ler...
Me       : You sampat ah, buy 2 albums just because you like the key chains?! So rich ah. Don't want!
Darling : Ok lo~ 1 then 1 lo~ I don't know which version of key chain to choose ler~ You help me decide ya.
Me       : Ok.

21 AUG 2010
Friend A : Hey B, i heard that you are going to get Leehom's signature at 1Utama tomorrow?
Friend B : Yaya, want join me?
Me         : WHAT??? Leehom come 1U tomorrow!!!???
    Friend A & B were shocked by my expression

Me         : Halo, Darling ah, your husband tomorrow come 1U sign his album ler!!!
Darling   : WHAT??? Leehom come 1U tomorrow!!!???
    I was shocked by darling's respond too.

Me        : Yala, How? Your album stil in Muar ler. And I also bought ticket to go Genting tomorrow le.
Darling   : Argg!!! So waste la~ huhu~ Why he come when I am in UK de~
Me        : Yalo, haiz~ Then forget about it la. No fate.
Darling   : Nevermind la, we go his concert next time bah~ so disappointed!!

22 AUG 2010
Since I don't know what to present you for our 5th anniversary,
Since he is your husband,
Since you love him,
I changed my mind not to go Genting.

I reached at 5pm, and I totally cant able to enter the gate.
Q & A (grabbed from other)

singing (grabbed from other)
Finally, i squeezed into the crowd at 7pm and entered the area. 

...9.30pm, the MC said : "Sorry ya, our Leehom is going to catch flight, our event will end now."

Sweat la!! I was just 1 meter away from the release gate. Bunch of fans started to crash in. Suddenly, a guy fall down into the bush at the side, making the situation even messier. I was tooooo bad, I cross above him (I really didn't step on him, trust me) and jumped into the queuing area and be the last 4 person to get signed! Lolz.. But after I left the event, the MC announced that Leehom was going to sign all albums, the 1st thought of mine was - felt so sorry to the guy who fall down, i shouldn't cross above you! Lolz!

Darling, you finally got both key chains! And I hope you will love it! Happy 5th anniversary, I love you...

Oh ya, dar, your husband really handsome, i guarantee you will get short circuit if he look at your eyes at the distance of 65.6cm.. Lolz. Opss!

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  1. Lol. I Love it dar~ Muackss..
    I love you too!!!!!
    I will get circuit if u look at me also. wakakak!!


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