Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Waiting, waiting and waiting for my coming 22nd birthday, then i can buy myself a present!  
But really tak boleh tahan mah...ishh! 

Last 2 days, after my afternoon lecture, I went to Lowyat with Andy. Finally! My present comes 2 weeks earlier, a BlackBerry Bold 9700! It is sexy!

Why am i choosing 9700 Bold? Because it is a full featured compact smart phone capable of attracting women and men, professionals, businessman, and even a student. It is smaller and lighter compare to other BlacBerry models.

I like the solid feel of Bold with leatherette backing. It has 2.44-inch display looks clear. Text is easily readable and images looked razor sharp with vibrant colors, almost HD already! Lolz. The 3.2-megapixel camera helps you capture memories in impressive quality. You can capture snapshots even in the dark with the help of LED flash. 

Besides, it supports Wi-Fi calls, an updated Operating System and a faster processor. If you're looking for a powerful messaging smart phone, then Blackberry Bold 9700 is one of the best set available in the market. 

For those who are thinking to get a new mobile phone, i strongly recommend BlackBerry Bold 9700. Then i can have more BlackBerry Messenger mates. Lolz. Hey, it really helps to save money from SMS and CALL too!

it's sexy isn't it?

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